PREZISTA® : Single 800-mg Tablet

Once-Daily PREZISTA® (darunavir) Helps Reduce Pill Burden* With Single 800-mg Tablet

Once-Daily PREZISTA® 800 mg (two 400-mg tablets) + ritonavir 100 mg

*400-mg tablets are no longer available.

PREZISTA® single 800-mg tablet is smaller than the 600-mg tablet

Dosing for treatment-naïve adult patients

Once-Daily PREZISTA®one 800-mg tablet taken with ritonavir 100 mg once daily and with food—is recommended for treatment-naïve adults as part of combination ARV therapy.1

No dose adjustment required for:

  • Mild-to-moderate hepatic impairment1

See Coadministration Guidance

Learn more about dosing information for treatment-experienced patients

ARV=antiretroviral; PI=protease inhibitor.

Selected Important Safety Information

  • Hepatotoxicity: Drug-induced hepatitis has been reported with PREZISTA®/r. During the clinical development program (N=3063), hepatitis has been reported in 0.5% of patients receiving combination therapy with PREZISTA®/r. Patients with preexisting liver dysfunction, including chronic active hepatitis B or C, have an increased risk for liver function abnormalities, including severe hepatic adverse reactions
  • Sulfa Allergy: PREZISTA® should be used with caution in patients with known sulfonamide allergy
  • Hepatic Impairment: PREZISTA®/r is not recommended for use in patients with severe hepatic impairment. There are no pharmacokinetic or safety data available in patients with severe hepatic impairment

Please see additional Important Safety Information.

Please see full description of ARTEMIS Study design and baseline characteristics.