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Once-Daily PREZISTA® single 800-mg tablet*.

For adults who have never taken HIV medicine before and for many adults who have taken HIV medicines in the past, Once-Daily PREZISTA® (darunavir) may be the right choice for your combination HIV treatment.

For these patients, the recommended dosing is:

  • Once-Daily PREZISTA® 800-mg tablet taken together with Norvir® (ritonavir) 100 mg once a day with food
  • PREZISTA® and Norvir® should be taken at the same time every day and with food, as part of combination HIV therapy

*400-mg tablets are no longer available.

Take PREZISTA® and Norvir® at the same time every day with food

Not shown at actual size with ritonavir (Norvir®) 100 mg once daily. Total number of pills taken will depend on overall regimen. Norvir® is a registered trademark of AbbVie Inc.

You and your healthcare professional can determine if Once-Daily PREZISTA® is right for you.

Some adults who have taken HIV medications in the past may need to take PREZISTA® 600 mg + Norvir® 100 mg twice daily with food at the same time every day, as part of combination HIV therapy.

Additionally, PREZISTA® 100 mg/mL oral suspension may be prescribed for patients who are unable to swallow a tablet. Talk to your doctor for additional information regarding oral suspension.

It is important to remember that taking PREZISTA® with certain medicines could cause serious and/or life-threatening side effects. It may also keep PREZISTA® from working as well as it should. Tell your healthcare professional about all the medicines you are taking and any medicines you plan to take.

See full PREZISTA® Product Information for more details.